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    A medical representative refers to almost each and every pharma companies that mainly requires some professionals who are expert in the communication skill and marketing strategies with militant nature.

    What is Medical Representative

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    A pharmaceutical representative is a person appointed by the pharmaceutical company to represent their product (medicine brands) in front of the doctor. He visited the doctor clinic and hospitals and convince a doctor to prescribe their company medicine to the patients.    

    The medicines that the doctor provides go to the medical store where the product sales so he has to visit a nearby medical store for available their medicine form the job description of the medical representative that all are a stockist.    

    The company concerning medical representative trained by the medicine product knowledge medicine dosages effect and side effect and mode of action of the medicine and somewhere anatomy and physiology of human also. He will enhance product information, answer queries, render advice and introduce new products.   

    Key Responsibilities and The Role of Medical Representative Include:

    Basically, the key responsibilities for the role of medical representative which includes; identifying and establishing a new business, negotiating the contracts, demonstrating or presenting products to healthcare staff including the nurses, doctors and pharmacists, undertaking relevant research, maintaining detailed records, attending and organizing trade exhibitions, organizing appointments and meetings with community and hospital-based healthcare staff, conferences and meetings, managing budgets, meeting both the business and scientific needs of healthcare professionals, reviewing sales performance and moreover writing reports & other documents.   

    Activities of Medical Representative / Medical Representative Day

    The activities for medical representatives play a vital role. An average day may hold one-on-one meetings with doctors, pharmacists or nurses in their offices or places of business to monitor their supply of drugs and to notify them of forthcoming changes.

    The medical representative will introduce them to brand-new products from his company. In the afternoon, he might visit hospitals to reach to doctors on staff to persuade them to purchase his products.

    How to Become A Medical Representative

    Medical sales representatives are responsible for selling medical to healthcare specialists. you are expected to attract new clients and foster positive relationships with existing clients in the healthcare industry or in this position.

    You must be able to market your company’s to hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and doctor’s offices. The race can be high for a medical sales rep position, but the pay is often lucrative, with a great level of job security and job growth.

    To become a medical sales representative, you will need to get the necessary education, the required skill set, and obtain an entry-level position in the field.

    There are many areas of specialization in medical sales. While the sale itself is often transactional, there are terms when the discussion would benefit the deal. Medical reps that can discourse the language and understand the science behind the products will have the best success. Picking an area to master will establish you as a leader and drive you to success.   

    Medical representatives (MR) are the people who deliver key communication between the medical professionals and the drug manufacturing companies. Their liabilities also incorporate the promotion of the company’s products to the GPs and doctors in the hospitals. For this faith, they have to do a one-to-one correspondence or meetings with those medical professionals.

    Qualifying Exam for Medical Representative

    Those who want to become a medical representative should obtain a bachelor’s degree in a related arena of four years duration. The specialization in pharmacy, marketing or healthcare is mostly preferred. Those qualified in other fields can also become a medical sales representative. However, they will have to bear a training concourse about the disorders and associated remedies in which they require to specialize. Some medical companies prefer candidates with qualification in business or biosciences, while some others prefer applicants with sales backgrounds.

    Who is eligible to apply for Medical Representative?

    Applicants who have attempted the higher secondary education with biology and mathematics from any reputed institutions can join for the bachelor’s degree in the related field.

    Many universities offer related programs like biosciences, pharmacy, healthcare, and business of four years duration.

    The admission to the universities will be based on entrance tests established by them. The least percentage needed in the 12th will vary depending on the universities.

    Medical Representative Resume

    orangebiotech Medical Representative Resume

    Medical Representative Interview Questions

    • Why do you want to join this company?
    • How you are going to develop business potential?
    • What is your experience in pharma sales?
    • Why do you want to work as medical sale representative after doing MBA?
    • Do you do any other curriculum activities?
    • Why do you seek this job?
    • Why you choose medical representative as a profession?
    • What is your salary expectation?
    • How would you assure that you won’t leave the job in early phase?
    • Why should we hire you?

    Key points in the process

    • Education 12th with biology and arithmetic from any recognized institutions and fastened good records in the examination.
    • Locate the universities or colleges which offer the related subjects like biosciences, pharmacy or healthcare and pursue the bachelors’ degree from there.
    • Gain knowledge or experience in the sales industry to get exposure. This will encourage them to get more chances while looking for medical representative jobs.
    • Enhance skills by attending any seminars or classes in particular medicine subjects. Some organizations offer specific training according to the candidates’ level of experience.
    • Grab the certifications that reveal their potential and skills in the equivalent field.
    • Search for positions or jobs in companies that recruit pharmaceutical representative and apply for it.

    Skills required for a Medical Representative

    In this field, some skills are required for medical representatives. The medical representatives should have some immeasurable skills to work or perform well. Initially, they must have an engaged mind and should have a good personality. Let’s devour other skills in the following:  

    They must be bold enough to work independently

    • Should have high-grade interaction skills both in English as well as in all the regional languages.
    • Should be well groomed
    • Should be polite and gentle
    • Should be dedicated and determined
    • Ability to learn quickly
    • Should be good at English
    • Should have analytical skills
    • Willingness to meet with different types of people
    • Ability to handle different types of customers
    • Ability to work under pressure
    • Should be able to handle the adverse situation
    • Good listening skill
    • Should have good detailing ability
    • Ability to increase Relationship with customers
    • We expect you have got the role of a medical representative in the pharmaceutical industry. If you are seeming for a job in the pharmaceutical industry then do check our page.

    Medical Representative Salary – The national average salary for a Medical Representative is ₹25,000 per month in India.

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