Monopoly Marketing Rights

We are keen to expand our Business through various M.R., ASM, RSM who have an urge and fire to start their own Business with even smaller amounts. Orange biotech will offer the Marketing Rights on District wise Monopoly basis. Stockists, Distributors, C&F Agents are also welcomed who have their own strong relations with the doctors or through M.R..


1. There no particular Target for any purchase. You can give your first order as low as just Rs. 10000/- to 20000/-

2. We strictly give monopoly rights and we do not entertain any inquiry just like that until unless it is from any of the unrepresented area.

3. We offer an excellent quality and packing of the medicine. Our products are being manufactured from the renowned manufacturing units accredited with ISO and GMP Certifications.

4. We offer lucrative schemes on various targets which are quite achievable with little extra efforts and courage.

5. We try to dispatch the goods within 24 hours once the payment is reflected in our accounts.

6. We have the full team in your service for the prompt reply to your queries like dispatches, new products introductions etc.

7. We have all tools required for Marketing like:

A. Product Glossary
B. Leave Behind Cards
C. Visual Aids
D. Reminder Cards
E. Visiting Cards
F. Routine Gifts for Doctors with Brand Or Company Name
G. Prescriptions Pads
H. Deepawali & New Year Gifts (Value Gifts on Paid Basis)