NIMNIK-P (Nimesulide Paracetamol)


Nimesulide is a non steroidal & inflammatory which  possesses analgesic and anti pyretic properties. It works by blocking the production of prastoglandins in the body which are responsible for the process for the process of inflammation, acute pain and swelling of joints.

Paracetamol commonly used for its analgesic and antipyretic effects. It is used for the temporary relief from fever , minor aches and pain.

At therapeutic doses paracetamol does ot irritate the lining of the stomach nor affect blood coagulation kidney function or the fatal ductus anteosus but lacks anti inflammatory action which is substituted withaddition of of nimesulide in combination. The fixed dose combination of nimesulide 7 pasracetamolo demonstrate a quicker onset and longer duration of antipyretic & analgesic action. It is used in the treatment of body pain. Nimesulideis used in hte treatment of osteoarthritis, fever, rheumatoid arthritis, menstrual pain, post operative pain &muscular pain.

Composition : Nimesulide 100 mg. + Paracetamol 325 mg.

Packing : 10x10 Blister

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