• China is Interested in Buying Medicines From India

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    Do you know why China is interested in buying medicines from India? Understand the entire concept in this article.

    China is Interested in Buying Medicines From India

    orangebiotech China is Interested in Buying Medicines From India

    The authorities from Chinese like Guiyang city shows the immense interest to procure medicines from Indian pharmaceutical companies. They are showing their immense interest to procure the drugs from Indian companies. The pharmaceuticals export promotion council of India (pharmexcil) has then proposed a visit from 18th-19th October, a visit of Indian pharma companies to Guiyang city only to discuss the matter on the modalities and issues that concerns India’s export of medicine to the supermarket.

    Now, we all apprehend that China is appreciated as the World’s gigantic manufacturers powerhouse, and they are moving rapidly fast towards a more value-add economy and there is a grown-up market where the country could dominate the industry both as a creator and consumers’ health industry.   

    By this view, the pharmexcil is inviting all the pharmaceutical companies or industries only to utilize this export opportunity to supply the drugs or medicines to the Chinese supermarkets and forge a colossal rapport with the Chinese firms and the agencies to sustain a term in the future of export businesses.


    If you are wondering to export pharmaceutical products or medicines from India to any other country then we hope you’re fully concerned about all the general requirements such as the company registration, set-up marketing company/industry or manufacturing company, etc.

    If you ain’t concerned regarding all its requirements or needs, don’t worry we have provided the essential list containing all the requirements for export of pharma products & medicines from India, read in the below section:

    Documents required for the export of pharmaceutical products and medicines from India includes IEC Number which is also known as “IMPORTER EXPORTER CODE”, then the registration is of a pharmaceutical product is necessary for importing country, the WHO: GMP or concerned authority certified plant, then the applicant needs to take the export permission from DCGI, other requirements’ for export of pharmaceutical products or medicines is the Distributor/Agent or Registered office in Importing country, Dossier, Custom Clearance, Freight Forwarder Agencies/Agents and Indian Trade Classification (harmonized system) ITC (HS) of the product.

    China Pharma Market 

    As we understand that China shows up the immense interest in obtaining medicines or drugs from India for its myriads of pharma companies in China. There’s a lot of requirement in the sector of pharma jobs in China and the huge opportunity for investors in the China pharma market for better growth.

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